Lessons From Minimalism: Life Is not a Competition

¬†“A flower does not think of competing¬†with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” – Zen Shin

Minimalism is more than getting rid of physical things, it is getting rid of anything that prevents you from living the life you were designed to live.

For me, one of those things was the competition mindset. I didn’t realize how much I compared and competed with others until a recient conversation. The person I had been speaking with minimized something that I had been proud of. Having my accomplishments belittled was hard to take.

After some reflection, I realized that I do the same thing to others. I was secretly in competition with those around me, and I hated admitting it.

The ability to look at someone else and be genuinely happy for them is an art that each of us needs to cultivate.

We all have different skills, talents, and abilities. Seeking to encourage others does not make anyone a lesser person. In my experiance, the most amazing people are the most selfless, loving, and encouraging.

My goal is to be encouraging not critical. I desire to build others up not tear them down. I want to run this race, give it my all, and encourage others to push on ahead of me.

Until next time,





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