Minimalist Challenge: Enjoy Life

“Life is short. If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you, that moment is now.” – Unknown

Take a look at your life? Are you enjoying your life, or are you too exausted and worn out to enjoy anything?

In this society we live overstuffed lives. We have overstuffed closets, homes, and scheduals. We feel guilty saying no. We feel guilty resting. We feel guilty having fun. There is always something we should be doing. We are stretched to the max, but we still feel like we aren’t doing enough.

I want to challenge you to start saying no, to stop doing things you don’t need to, and to start loving life again.

You might be wondering “How?” It isn’t easy to let go of the busy in our lives. Slowing down can feel uncomfortable when we are used to living life in the fast lane.

Here are a few tips to help unbusy life, reclaim energy, and start enjoying life again. Start small, It is amazing the difference little changes can make.


  • Simplify your wardrobe
  • Do laundry once a week
  • Stop picking up the phone every time it rings or someone texts
  • Stop eating between meals
  • Stop mindless internet browsing
  • Get rid of the tv
  • Limit or Quit social media
  • Clear your counter tops
  • Develop routines for dishes and basic cleaning
  • Declutter your home and spend less time cleaning
  • Stop buying stuff you don’t need
  • Cut hobbies and tasks you don’t actually need or love to do
  • Say no


  • Make rest a priority
  • Spend time with people you love
  • Learn to enjoy the simple things: a sunset, hot tea, sitting by the fireplace…..
  • Add more of what you really love
  • Learn to be content and grateful for the life God has given you

You are never going ┬áto have another chance at today. This is your one life. Don’t forget to enjoy it.

Until next time,






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